Empleos de Analytics Engineer en la empresa Factored en América Latina

Published 8 months ago

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La empresa Factored tiene disponibles oportunidades de trabajo para el puesto de Analytics Engineer en la región de América Latina. El tipo de empleo que ofrecemos es Jornada completa.

Buscamos candidatos que posean habilidades en Tecnología de la información y cuenten con experiencia en No corresponde, así como ser personas honestas, disciplinadas y responsables.

Factored se dedica al sector Infraestructura y análisis de datos, por lo que si estás interesado en esta oferta laboral, puedes realizar tu solicitud directamente.

Informacion del trabajo

Posición:Analytics Engineer
Tipo de ubicación de trabajo:Remote
Región:América Latina
Función laboral:Tecnología de la información
Nivel de antigüedad:No corresponde
Tipo de empleo:Jornada completa
Industria:cadena de suministro y almacenamiento y Publicaciones en línea, logística, Transporte

Descripción del trabajo

Who We Are:

Factored was conceived in Palo Alto, California by Andrew Ng and a team of highly experienced AI researchers, educators, and engineers to help address the significant shortage of qualified AI & Machine-Learning engineers globally. We know that exceptional technical aptitude, intelligence, communication skills, and passion are equally distributed around the world, and we are very committed to testing, vetting, and nurturing the most talented engineers for our program and on behalf of our clients.

We are currently looking for a talented Analytics Engineer to join our team. You will play a critical role in designing, developing, and maintaining the data infrastructure and analytics solutions that support business operations.

What you will be doing:

  • Design, develop, and maintain data pipelines, data models, and ETL processes to support data integration, transformation, and aggregation
  • Work closely with stakeholders to understand their data requirements and translate them into scalable analytics solutions
  • Ensure data quality, accuracy, and consistency by implementing data validation, cleansing, and monitoring techniques
  • Identify and implement optimizations to improve the efficiency and performance of data pipelines and analytics processes
  • Build and test code using CI/CD best practices
  • Perform transformations using state-of-the-art data to create data models for consumption, often leveraging data stack tools like DBT.
  • Write and maintain data catalogs and definitions
  • Collaborate with data scientists and analysts to implement data-driven models, algorithms, and visualizations

What you bring:

  • +3 years of experience working in data analytics or analytics engineering-related fields
  • Experience with the design of ETLs
  • Strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, SQL, and T-SQL
  • Strong experience with Azure Data Factory, Synapse Analytics, or Snowflake
  • Experience with Data Visualization tools such as PowerBI
  • Previous experience performing advanced, modular SQL-based transformations
  • Experience applying software engineering best practices to analytics code (Version control, testing, continuous integration)
  • Strong experience building excellent data documentation in company-wide data discovery tools
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

At Factored, we believe that passionate, smart people expect honesty and transparency, as well as the freedom to do the best work of their lives while learning and growing as much as possible. Great people enjoy working with other passionate, smart people, so we believe in hiring right, and are very selective about who joins our team. Once we hire you, we will invest in you and support your career and professional growth in many meaningful ways. We hire people who are supremely intelligent and talented, but we recognize that intelligence is not enough. Perhaps more importantly, we look for those who are also passionate about our mission and are honest, diligent, collaborative, kind to others, and fun to be around. Life is too short to work with people who don’t inspire you.

We are a transparent workplace, where EVERYBODY has a voice in building OUR company, and where learning and growth are available to everyone based on their merits, not just on stamps on their resume. As impressive as some of the stamps on our resumes are, we recognize that human talent and passion exist everywhere, and come from many backgrounds, so stamps matter much less than results. All of us are dedicated doers and are highly energetic, focusing vehemently on execution because we know that the best learning happens by doing. We recognize that we are creating OUR COMPANY TOGETHER, which is not only a high-performing fast-growing business but is changing the way the world perceives the quality of technical talent in Latin America. We are fueled by the great positive impact we are making in the places where we do business and are committed to accelerating careers and investing in hundreds (and hopefully thousands) of highly talented data science engineers and data analysts.

In short, our business is about people, so we hire the best people and invest as much as possible in making them fall in love with their work, their learning, and their mission. When not nerding out on data science, we love to make music together, play sports, play games, dance salsa, cook delicious food, brew the best coffee, throw the best parties, and generally have a great time with each other.


  • Ambiente confortable
  • Se enseña al empezar a trabajar
  • Bono de salario si hay horas extras

Información de solicitud de empleo

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Información de la empresa


Factored és una empresa tecnològica d’alt nivell. Tenim una àmplia varietat de productes i solucions de software dissenyades per augmentar la productivitat i la competitivitat de les empreses. Factored té com a objectiu proporcionar al client els millors serveis. Treballem tenint en compte els principis de confiabilitat, qualitat i adaptació a les necessitats de cada empresa individual.

Organitzem la nostra oferta de serveis en quatre grans àrees, entre les quals hi ha disseny, desenvolupament, introducció al mercat i suport de post-venda. Per oferir-vos les millors solucions, utilitzem una combinació d’Intel·ligència Artificial, aprenentatge automàtic aplicat i altres tecnologies avançades. Optimitzem el nostre temps perquè els nostres serveis puguin ser lliurats en el termini establert per l’usuari.

El nostre equip està format per experts en tecnologia, programació, disseny web i disseny d’interfícies. Els nostres anys d’experiència ens han donat el coneixement i el coneixement per garantir els millors resultats. Creiem en el treball d’equip, en el respecte al entorn i al personal, i en la transparència en la nostra relació amb els nostres clients.

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