Empleos de Data Engineer en la empresa Turing en América Latina

Published 9 months ago

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La empresa Turing está brindando oportunidades de empleo para el cargo de Data Engineer en la región de América Latina. El tipo de trabajo que ofrecemos es Jornada completa.

Estamos buscando candidatos con habilidades en Tecnología de la información y experiencia en Sin experiencia, así como personas honestas, disciplinadas y responsables.

Turing se especializa en el sector Desarrollo de software, por lo tanto, si estás interesado en postularte, puedes hacerlo directamente.

Informacion del trabajo

Posición:Data Engineer
Tipo de ubicación de trabajo:Remote
Región:América Latina
Función laboral:Tecnología de la información
Nivel de antigüedad:Sin experiencia
Tipo de empleo:Jornada completa
Industria:Desarrollo de software

Descripción del trabajo

A fast-growing company that is efficiently providing world-class full-line electrical distribution services is looking for a Data Engineer. The selected candidate will be responsible for creating auditing procedures for the source data to guarantee that it has been appropriately standardized and cleaned. By offering a wide range of high-quality products, a large selection, and first-rate service, the company meets the electrical demands of its clients. This is an amazing opportunity for developers who are eager to showcase their development and analytical skills while working in a dynamic environment.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Document data sources, definitions, import procedures, and permissions policies
  • Plan, organize, and put security measures in place to protect data against damage, modification, or disclosure caused by accident or unauthorized people
  • Recognize data patterns, connections, and important signs that point to sound guidance
  • Enhance data discoveries through researching through dialogue or other methods
  • Take charge of every element of data collection and administration
  • Serve users across the whole organization by gathering, reviewing, and purifying data from multiple sources to provide a “single source of truth.”
  • Conduct in-depth analysis to assist decision-making and find chances to increase profits
  • Work together as a cross-functional team to uphold effective business procedures
  • To enable precise, quick, and proactive information-based decision-making, combine a strong business sense with honed data manipulation skills
  • Give evidence to support actionable insights regarding sales activity, the efficiency of processes, and the achievement of KPI targets and outside standards.
  • Utilize data to your advantage to help grow the business
  • With relevant parties, discuss findings and suggestions from datasets
  • Create, deploy, and maintain dashboards to support strategic objectives
  • Take charge of reporting and analysis on a regular and as-needed basis
  • Guide and instruct staff on BI tools and best practices to improve the use of data in their work by preparing regular written reports and presentations for leadership
  • Audit, update, and clean up master data files in ERP on a regular basis, paying specific attention to product data and price
  • Maintain and import data into MS SQL Server
  • Utilize specialized reporting tools to retrieve data from the ERP system
  • Gather master and transactional data for every aspect of the company, including product management, sales and customer activity, finances, expenses, commissions, and human resources
  • Request and discuss vendor-supplied data directly with vendors
  • Coordinate data-gathering techniques and criteria to provide consistency, integrity, and control
  • Examine user requests for database enhancements to determine how much time and money will be needed
  • Maintain the performance and integrity of current databases, in particular via systematic audits and comparisons to reference systems
  • Act quickly to alert users and fix identified data quality issues
  • Create and maintain collaborative worksheets and other tools to make it easier for users to manually enter data
  • Prioritize work by meeting deadlines and handling many projects
  • Own assigned tasks and act with a high degree of accountability
  • Support the maintenance and assistance of ERP systems
  • Control and keep track of automated file sharing and posting extracts for both internal and external users
  • Accomplish set goals by keeping an active grasp of the product line and how the organization is structured

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 3+ years of relevant experience as a data engineer
  • Prolific experience working with SQL, VBA, and PowerShell Scripting
  • 2+ years of experience performing advanced manipulations of large data sets
  • Thorough knowledge of data warehousing ideas and techniques
  • Strong technical writing abilities and understanding of supply chain management
  • Nice to have some understanding of business intelligence tools
  • Familiarity with AWS, Excel, and Data Analysis is desirable
  • Nice to have some knowledge of Excel VBA and Microsoft Office
  • Must be a self-starter who thrives in a fast-paced atmosphere and who is detail-oriented
  • Proven ability for achieving success through and with people
  • Ability to effectively explain difficult information in writing and verbally
  • Be able to work iteratively and with comfort
  • Possess the capacity to query and troubleshoot data, and be dedicated to lifelong learning and development
  • Must be motivated and analytical
  • High level of familiarity with using quantitative data to promote a viewpoint
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills


  • Bono por horas extras
  • Gana experiencia
  • Ambiente de trabajo cómodo

Información de solicitud de empleo

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Información de la empresa


Turing es una empresa líder en tecnología de Inteligencia Artificial para la innovación y la transformación en el mundo de los negocios. Fundada en 2016, Turing es el primer Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Inteligencia Artificial en España. Estamos comprometidos con el avance tecnológico mediante la creación de tecnologías para la optimización de procesos y la mejora de la experiencia de cliente. Trabajamos con las mayores empresas de nuestro país para hacer la Inteligencia Artificial accesible para todos.

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