Empleos de English Teacher – Remote en la empresa Slang en América Latina

Published 10 months ago

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La compañía Slang ha abierto oportunidades de empleo para el puesto de English Teacher - Remote en la región de América Latina. El tipo de trabajo que ofrecemos es Jornada completa.

Los requisitos que buscamos en los candidatos son tener habilidades en Educación y Formación con experiencia en No corresponde, además de ser honestos, disciplinados y responsables.

La compañía Slang se dedica al sector Transporte, logística, & cadena de suministro y almacenamiento, por lo que si estás interesado en solicitar, puedes hacerlo directamente.

Informacion del trabajo

Posición:English Teacher - Remote
Tipo de ubicación de trabajo:Remote
Región:América Latina
Función laboral:Educación y Formación
Nivel de antigüedad:No corresponde
Tipo de empleo:Jornada completa
Industria:cadena de suministro y almacenamiento, logística, Transporte

Descripción del trabajo

We’re looking for talented individuals interested in joining a growing global company. At Slang, you’ll be an early team member of a global, well-funded startup spun out from MIT. We’re building a world-class team to revolutionize language learning with cutting-edge technology and delightful design.

What we’re working on at Slang

Slang started at MIT as a research project on using AI and NLP to make learning a new language as efficient as possible. Our technology powers a highly adaptive e-learning platform that offers an unprecedented variety of specialized English courses and proficiency tests for career development in over one hundred fields like Sales, Finance, Logistics, Medicine, and Law. With just a small team, we’ve already created the largest professional English offering in the world. Now, we’re scaling up to release 1,00 more courses over the next three years.

Learn more about our unique approach at slangapp.com.

What This Role Is About

If you are passionate about business English teaching, skilled in TBL methodologies, and eager to be part of a dynamic company at the forefront of language learning innovation, we would love to tell you more about this opportunity. In this role, you will have the chance to work with multiple companies across South America, assisting them in elevating their professional English skills to new heights.

As part of our team, you will engage with a diverse adult population ranging from beginner to advanced intermediate (Pre-A1 to B2) levels. Complementing our digital product, we offer various classes that aim to enhance users’ proficiency and foster the conversational skills essential for success in the workplace.

Slang, a product-driven startup, places great emphasis on the development of our cutting-edge language learning products. We aspire to create products that speak for themselves, and we rely on your experience and expertise to contribute to our vision. Your valuable insights and understanding of language learning will play a pivotal role in helping us better serve our users and continuously improve our offerings.


  • Deliver engaging and interactive Slang online classes across various subjects, utilizing the class content provided by the instructional design team
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date user progress follow-up documents to ensure a comprehensive and organized learning experience
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to students on their progress, assignments, and class participation, supporting their learning and growth
  • Foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes active participation and student engagement, utilizing the provided class content as a foundation
  • Attend training sessions to enhance teaching skills, receive guidance on class content, and ensure effective implementation of instructional strategies in online classes
  • Communicate effectively with students, addressing their questions, and concerns, and providing guidance, while utilizing the provided class content to support their learning
  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality in all interactions with students, colleagues, and the instructional design team regarding the provided class content

Technical skills and requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Modern languages or related fields and/or TESOL, TEFL, or similar certificates
  • C1 certified in English oral communication and writing (IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent)
  • Expertise in planning and delivering Task-Based Learning (TBL) classes, creating engaging and interactive learning experiences
  • Minimum availability of 80 hours per month
  • Strong command of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, with adaptability to different learner populations
  • Proficiency in conducting speaking assessments to evaluate oral communication skills, including fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and coherence
  • Skill in personalized feedback tailored to individual student needs and proficiency levels
  • Proficiency in using technology and digital tools for instruction, including virtual teaching platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet), learning management systems, and digital resources
  • Demonstrated experience teaching English in a business or professional context, understanding specific language needs and challenges in various industries (a plus).
  • Strong Portuguese communication skills (a plus)

Soft Skills

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to establish rapport with learners, provide constructive feedback, and create a supportive learning environment
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness of communication styles, customs, and business practices, facilitating effective cross-cultural understanding in the classroom
  • Adaptability in teaching strategies and materials to meet individual learner needs, learning styles, and feedback from students and stakeholders
  • Accurate record-keeping of student attendance, assessment scores, and progress reports while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality
  • Punctuality and regular attendance to ensure classes start and end on time, fostering a reliable learning experience for students
  • Strong problem-solving abilities to address challenges during language instruction and find effective solutions for optimal learning outcomes
  • Active engagement in professional development through attending training sessions, workshops, conferences, or webinars to stay updated with current language teaching methodologies
  • Effective collaboration and communication with team members, including content developers and support staff, to contribute to a collaborative and innovative work environment

What Slang can offer you

We offer the special experience of being part of a fast-moving and quickly-growing international company within the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Boston and MIT.

Where we’re located

Our team is currently split between the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Nigeria. We are recruiting great people in these locations and all around the world.


We’d love to hear from you — apply below!

Slang is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to our inclusive and healthy environment.

For further information related to Slang, check out recent pieces profiling us in Bloomberg, LABS, and Forbes; the portfolios of our investors, Social Capital, an investor in companies like Slack and Intercom; DILA Capital, Alive Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and Roble Ventures; our Crunchbase profile; and the profiles of our founders, Diego and Kamran. We’re also worldwide winners of LearnLaunch and the GESAwards, and we were named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2022. These are huge achievements of which we’re very proud of.


  • Ambiente confortable
  • Se enseña al empezar a trabajar
  • Bono de salario si hay horas extras

Información de solicitud de empleo

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Información de la empresa


Slang es una empresa líder en innovación tecnológica. Ofrecemos una amplia gama de soluciones de software empresarial personalizadas para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas. Nuestro equipo profesional de desarrolladores y diseñadores trabaja de cerca con los clientes para asegurar que la solución de software cumpla con los más altos estándares. También trabajamos con proveedores de servicios líderes para proporcionar la mejor experiencia de usuario posible. Estamos comprometidos con la entrega de soluciones de software empresarial fiables y eficientes al mejor precio.

Slang es una empresa de liderazgo en tecnología de innovación. Ofrecemos una gran variedad de soluciones informáticas a medida para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de nuestros clientes. Nuestro equipo profesional de programadores y diseñadores trabaja de cerca con los usuarios para garantizar que nuestro producto cumpla con los más altos estándares. Chenosotros también trabajamos con proveedores de servicios de clase para ofrecer la mejor experiencia de uso posible. Estamos comprometidos con cualquier entrega confiable y eficiente de soluciones de informática a precios asequibles.

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