Empleos de Full Stack Software Engineer en la empresa Flexhire en América Latina

Published 12 months ago

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La empresa Flexhire está ofreciendo oportunidades laborales para el puesto de Full Stack Software Engineer en la región de América Latina. El tipo de trabajo que ofrecemos es Media jornada.

Los criterios que buscamos en los candidatos son tener habilidades en Ingeniería y Tecnología de la información con experiencia en Intermedio, así como ser personas honestas, disciplinadas y responsables.

La estimación del salario ofrecido por esta empresa es bastante competitiva, alrededor de L 9,300 - L 23,000 (por Mes). Sin embargo, este salario puede aumentar o disminuir según la decisión de la empresa.

La empresa Flexhire se dedica a la industria Dotación y selección de personal, por lo que si estás interesado en postularte, puedes hacerlo directamente.

Informacion del trabajo

Posición:Full Stack Software Engineer
Tipo de ubicación de trabajo:Remote
Región:América Latina
Función laboral:Ingeniería y Tecnología de la información
Nivel de antigüedad:Intermedio
Salario:HNL 9.250 - HNL 23.450 per Month
Tipo de empleo:Media jornada
Industria:Dotación y selección de personal

Descripción del trabajo

We are looking for a talented engineer to join the Flexhire engineering team building a product and company that helps people from all over the world find meaningful work with great companies. We have truly helped transform some of our talented members’ lives by giving them great long term work with amazing companies.
How we work
At Flexhire, we work using the kanban approach for project management and small iterations on features, getting early feedback from end users. In our fully remote team, everyone makes a difference: we all have a “horizontal” shaped skillset and take ownership of different aspects of the product.

  • You will work directly with our CEO Brian, to help shape our evolving product and make decisions as a team.
  • We try to foster both the development of new skills, for example learning the backend for our frontend engineers, but we also encourage our engineers to specialize and take ownership of what they do best.
  • We use an async communication style based on Slack chats, with mentions/pings used to get the immediate attention of people when necessary. We also have daily 10-minute standup video meetings to keep in touch with the team as a whole.
  • We encourage pair programming sessions using screen sharing over a video meeting for the people for which this kind of collaboration works well.

Tech stack
Our product is built on a modern stack and a combination of best practice solutions, with custom ones when the best practice does not fit us.

  • You will work on a modern codebase that is regularly maintained and refactored to match the product’s growth and scale, and to take advantage of the ideal tech to power the information deep, highly interactive UI of Flexhire.
  • We have a Rails application as our backend, and a hybrid SPA with Server Side Rendering and PWA features as our frontend. Our frontend is built using the Next.js framework, React, Typescript, Material-UI and a GraphQL API with the Relay client. We also make heavy use of React hooks both from libraries and our own custom ones.
  • The Rails backend and the Next.js frontend communicate through a GraphQL API and we have automations in place to ensure type safety so Typescript types are automatically generated for the GraphQL queries on the frontend, thanks to the Relay client.
  • Our infrastructure is deployed on AWS with redundant, horizontally scaled servers. The deployments are managed through automated CI and CD pipelines, and we also have multiple comprehensive suites of all kinds of automated tests to keep us moving fast without breaking things. Finally, we stay on top of user facing issues through deep Sentry integration and LogRocket.
  • Our engineering team has a flat, horizontal structure so you will be encouraged to get to know all the different aspects of the product, or to specialize in specific functional areas in the codebase and product.

Key Responsibilities
At Flexhire, you will:

  • implement features and fix bugs by working on our frontend and/or backend codebases
  • maintain and extend our library of low fidelity UI mockups to prevent or solve UX issues with the product
  • keep track of the stability of the different aspects of the product by maintaining the automated test suites
  • participate in the day to day decision making process with regards to building our evolving product
  • get familiar with all technical aspects of the product from lo-fi UX prototyping to high fidelity designs, core backend code, database architecture and cloud infrastructure, focusing on what best matches your skillset
  • work on a regular schedule, with the flexibility to customize it as long as you can match a 6 hour window of “core hours”
  • work from anywhere in the world you like, with your own choice of software tools for development, as long as you can attend video meetings with a camera and your voice is understandable

Ideal Experience
Our ideal candidate has:

  • excellent overall communication skills
  • fluency in written and verbal english
  • excellent balance between independently overcoming obstacles and involving the team when having trouble with the task at hand, alternating between the two to maximize both team and individual productivity
  • a mindset oriented on solutions, with the ability to identify both short term pragmatic solutions to immediate problems and longer term ideal solutions
  • high initiative in identifying present and future issues and proposing solutions
  • experience working in a fast paced early startup environment, where simpler solutions are often better when features are in the early stage
  • experience with remote work, asynchronous text communication, occasional video meetings, and organizing work with colleagues from different timezones
  • experience with react frontends and ruby on rails backends, ideally experience using the Next.js framework for React
  • experience with application as a service cloud providers such as AWS Beanstalk, CI/CD pipelines
  • experience maintaining a big suite of all kinds of automated tests
  • experience working with GraphQL APIs, ideally from a Ruby on Rails backend, using the Relay client on the frontend to access the API from a React codebase

SKILLS: AWS (Amazon Web Services), AWS Beanstalk, CI/CD, Continuous Integration, CSS, Git, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Webpack, Ruby, React, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, NextJS, Relay, GraphQL


  • ganar experiencia
  • enseñar primero
  • Obtener bonificación si se realizan horas extras

Información de solicitud de empleo

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Información de la empresa


Flexhire es una empresa dedicada a la contratación temporal de talento para todos los niveles de negocio en los Estados Unidos. Comenzó con la meta de ser el mejor proveedor de contratación por hora y hoy en día ofrece una amplia gama de servicios digitales y soluciones para los procesos de contratación en situaciones de negocio complejas. Trabajamos con una variedad de clientes para ayudarlos con la búsqueda de talento y la creación de procesos de contratación más eficientes. Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a los empleadores a encontrar el mejor personal y garantizar que los trabajadores tengan una experiencia justa y gratificante.

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